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Physical Therapist Compact Legislation

Floor Remarks: PA Joining Physical Therapist Compact :: February 5, 2020

As Democratic Chair of the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee, I’ve seen reports and the progress many other states have undertaken on the adoption of medical compacts. This is a growing issue – I think we as a state have to get more aggressive in licensure reciprocity and this week Pennsylvania took a step in the right direction when the Senate unanimously approved my legislation, Senate Bill 640.  This legislation would add Pennsylvania to the list of states in the National Physical Therapist Licensure Compact and would allow someone who is licensed as a physical therapist to have licensure recognition to practice in any one of the other 26 states enrolled with the national compact.  Senate Bill 640 is now on its way to the House of Representatives for consideration.

To date, 25 states have enacted legislation (plus Washington, D.C.) to join the PTC, which recognizes mutual requirements, licensure of physical therapists and the reciprocity of license transfer between member states. My bill (Senate Bill 640) wwould accommodate eligible physical therapy providers to work in multiple states which would encourage our students to stay here in Pennsylvania.

​In 2016, Governor Tom Wolf enacted legislation (Act 112) that authorized the commonwealth to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC). Similar to the PTC, the IMLC recognizes mutual agreement in the requirements for physician licensing and provides the benefit of easier transfer of licenses from states within the compact.

Snow & Ice

Snow & IceIt has been a long time that I have been trying to address the concern about snow and ice removal from cars and trucks – this week we got one step closer!

The House Transportation Committee voted 23-1 on Monday to move my legislation, Senate Bill 114, to the House floor for consideration. My intention for the introduction of Senate Bill 114 was to be proactive on the issue of snow and ice removal from vehicles – allowing law enforcement to issue tickets for the sole purpose of not clearing a vehicle of snow and ice.

Currently, state law allows police to ticket car and truck drivers between $200 and $1,000 if the negligent act of not clearing a vehicle causes serious injury or death.

Senate Bill 114 has been amended from its original version clarifying enforcement for vehicles on public roadways, and includes an additional protection allowing police to ticket drivers $50 for failure to clear snow or ice before they take to the roads.

Now the bill is awaiting consideration in the House of Representatives.  If the House approves it, the Senate will see it back in our Chamber for concurrence before it would go to the Governor’s desk.

Rally in the Rotunda – HB/SB76

RallyMany legislators & supporters took part in a rally in the Rotunda on Monday to call on legislators to pass legislation NOW to do away with property taxes in the Commonwealth – finding an alternative source to fund education. 

I have previously voted for Senate Bill 76, the property tax elimination bill, and still support that legislation today.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to get the elimination bill through to the finish line.  This past summer, a working group made up of representatives from the House, Senate and Governor’s office, met for numerous sessions and produced a number of suggestions, plans and ideas to bring real property tax relief to homeowners however we reached a stalemate when it came time to agree on one. 

Property tax relief is a complicated issue.  In fact, it is a $15 billion issue, so we need to make certain we get it right. This issue has been a priority of mine and will remain my focus until real property tax relief has been delivered to the homeowners in the 18th Senatorial district.

Governor’s Budget Address 2020

Senator Boscola’s Response to Governor Wolf’s 2020-21 Budget Address :: February 4, 2020

Governor Tom Wolf presented his bold 2020 Budget Address earlier this week in Harrisburg – some of the highlights that peaked my interest was his discussion on investing in our technology and innovation, as well as the much-needed education funding increase at every level – helping to offset property tax increases.

Now that the budget has been laid on the table, from here, we start hearings of the Appropriation Committee with each of the Departments that are funded in the state budget – we will have the opportunity to ask questions so please feel free to submit your questions or concerns regarding the 2020 Governor’s Budget Address to

Governor Wolf

Senators Jay Costa, Vincent Hughes, Lisa Boscola and Rep. Harry Readshaw

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