2011-2012 Sponsored Bills

Senate Bill 160
Directs the Commonwealth’s table game tax revenues into the Property Tax Relief Fund.

Senate Bill 164
Prohibits the sale of Salvia and Synthetic Cannabinoids within the Commonwealth

Senate Bill 165
Provides for a veteran’s designation on driver’s licenses and state-issued identification cards to recognize the service of those eligible individuals

Senate Bill 166
Prohibits a correctional institution from providing any inmate with postage-paid envelopes for personal use

Senate Bill 167
Allows for liquor license transfers within a single municipality that sits in two or more counties

Senate Bill 168
Bans electronic debit cards that are issued for unemployment compensation benefits from use in ATMs on any gaming floor or within a licensed facility

Senate Bill 193
Requires health insurance companies that cover pregnancy –related benefits in a policy to cover infertility treatment in that same policy

Senate Bill 194
Terminates parental rights to a child if the parent is found guilty of committing certain offenses under the Crimes Code

Senate Bill 195
Removes statute of limitations for sexual abuse of children

Senate Bill 196
Removes statute of limitations on civil actions resulting from murder, voluntary manslaughter, conspiracy to commit murder of voluntary manslaughter, any felony perpetrated in connection with 1st or 2nd degree murder, homicide by vehicle, rape, statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual assault, institutional sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault, indecent exposure, incest and sexual abuse of children

Senate Bill 197
Increases the penalty for drug delivery or intent to deliver in a drug-free school zone by an administrator, teacher or employee of a public or parochial school, college or university an additional two years

Senate Bill 198
Adds a violation of the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act by a school administrator or teacher on school property to the list of crimes related to public office or public employment

Senate Bill 266
Requires drivers to make a reasonable effort to remove snow and/or ice from their vehicle

Senate Bill 644
Requires any election to fill a vacant seat within the Pennsylvania House of Representatives or Senate to be held in conjunction with the next regularly scheduled general or primary election day

Senate Bill 645
Prohibits any political subdivision from imposing any increase in property taxes on residents who are age 65 or older, have lived in their homes for at least five years, and make less than $65,000 annually

Senate Bill 646
Exempts the surviving spouse of a veteran who was killed or declared missing in action from paying local school property taxes

Senate Bill 647
Provides lawsuit protection for HVAC Contractors relating to mold or mildew in a building

Senate Bill 648
Directs the state Department of Education to encourage local school districts to develop and implement uniform guidelines relating to food allergy reaction management programs

Senate Bill 649
Defines “chronic runaway child” as one that runs away from home more than once in any month or at least three times in any year.  The bill also directs DPW to develop specific assessment/counseling plans for chronic runaways as part of county shelter care, custody and detention programs approved by the Commonwealth

Senate Bill 650
Amends the state’s Constitution to provide for a Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Bureau to draw both legislative and congressional districts following the federal decennial census

Senate Bill 651
Amends Pennsylvania’s Election Code by establishing a concise Statement of Voter’s Rights.  The bill also requires that the Statement of Voter’s Rights be visible in all voter registration offices and polling places

Senate Bill 652
Allows eligible persons to register and vote on the same day of any primary, municipal or general election by completing a registration card and providing proof of residence

Senate Bill 653
Amends the state’s Constitution to permit initiative and referendum in Pennsylvania

Senate Bill 689
Increases the powers and duties of the Small Business Council by requiring the Council to review all executive agencies’ proposed rulemakings that would affect small businesses and make recommendations, comments and/or objections, as well as meet with each executive agency at least once every two years to review existing policies and regulations. This bill is part of the ‘PA WORKS’ plan, the Senate Democrats’ legislative package designed to stimulate Pennsylvania’s economy and spur job creation.

Senate Bill 711
Adds cancer to the current definition of “occupational diseases” for firefighters

Senate Bill 712
Establishes the Municipal Firefighter Education and Training Program that would set standards for newly hired firefighters, as well as providing funds to municipalities for education and training programs

Senate Bill 713
Amends the state Liquor Code to allow licensed establishments physically located within a special occasion permit’s designated boundaries to be regulated by the parameters that are set forth in that permit. This legislation is drafted to affect the Musikfest event in Bethlehem ONLY

Senate Bill 727 (View full text)
Establishes an academic excellence scholarship program that provides financial incentives for high-school students to attend college and stay in Pennsylvania once they’ve graduated

Senate Bill 754
Establishes Katie’s Law which requires any individual arrested for a felony offense to provide a DNA sample to the state’s database

Senate Bill 755
Removes the defense of “not guilty by reason of insanity”, and allows for the term “guilty, but insane.”

Senate Bill 756
Creates ‘Robin’s Law’, which establishes a statewide registry for domestic violence predators in the way Megan’s Law registers sex offenders. This bill honors the memory of Robin Shaffer, a Quakertown woman who was brutally murdered by her estranged husband on June 15, 2004

Senate Bill 765
Excludes veteran’s disability payments from being counted as income when determining PACE/PACENET eligibility

Senate Bill 823
Requires the placement of whistle post signage on main track of railroad

Senate Bill 824
Directs the Department of Education, in conjunction with the Department of Health, to provide instruction to 11th and 12th grade students on the importance of donating blood.  The instruction will be integrated within the health course of study currently required in public schools

Senate Bill 825
Requires DEP to conduct a community health risk study before approving permits to expand a municipal landfill

Senate Bill 826
Prohibits issuance of permits for siting new landfills or expanding existing landfills where voters have rejected the placement or expansion by referendum vote

Senate Bill 827
Doubles the fines for trash-hauling vehicles that exceed the gross weight currently allowed under the Solid Waste Management Act

Senate Bill 934
Reduces the state’s Personal Income Tax from its current rate of 3.07% down to 2.97%

Senate Bill 1195
Restricts assisted living residences, nursing homes and personal care homes in areas that are zoned for industrial use by municipalities.

Senate Bill 1238
Amends the Vehicle Code to allow for individuals eligible for a severely disabled, disabled veteran and/or prisoner of war license plate to obtain multiple specially-designated license plates. 

Senate Bill 1239
Provides greater flexibility and reduces state mandates for universities by eliminating one of the three current levels of required legal approval for project contracts and procurement.  The bill maintains two levels of legal review for contract approvals and procurement.  All contracts will be made available to the public under the Right to Know Act.

Senate Bill 1348
Amends the tax code to establish a “school-to-work tax” credit for businesses to employ qualified interns. This bill is part of the Senate Democrats’ comprehensive ‘Women’s Jobs’ package of legislation.

Senate Bill 1378
Creates a residency restriction for sex offenders who are required to register under Megan’s law. The restriction prohibits them from living within 1,000 feet from a school, preschool, day care facility or public playground and from living within 500 feet from a school bus stop.

Senate Bill 1443
Removes the statute of limitations on criminal actions for the sexual abuse of a minor.

Senate Bill 1445
Removes the statute of limitations on civil actions for the sexual abuse of a minor

Senate Bill 1452
Amends the Pennsylvania Constitution to increase the retirement age of judges, justices and justices of the peace from 70 to 75.

Senate Bill 1486
Amends Title 18 to allow for small office gaming pools provided there are no more than 100 participants, the wagering amount is no more than $20 per participant, and all wagers collected are paid as prizes to one or more participants or a non-profit. No wagers are allowed to be retained by the pool operator.

Senate Resolution 66
Honors the 175th anniversary of the founding of Monroe County, Pennsylvania

Senate Resolution 75
Designates the month of April 2011 as “Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month” in the Commonwealth

Senate Resolution 116
Commends the 178 local YMCAs for providing outstanding community services, and recognizes the month of May 2011 as “YMCA Appreciation Month” in Pennsylvania

Senate Resolution 195
Commends the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania for its public educational efforts, and recognizes September 2011 as “Vertebral Subluxation Awareness Month” in Pennsylvania

Senate Resolution 241
Designates the month of January 2012 as “Blood Donor Month” in the Commonwealth

Senate Resolution 263
Designates the month of March 2012 as “Eye Donation Month” in the Commonwealth

Senate Resolution 288
Designates the month of April 2012 as “Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month” in the Commonwealth

Senate Resolution 355
Designates the month of September 2012 as “Vertebral Sublaxation Awareness Month” in the Commonwealth

Senate Resolution 399
Designates the Month of November 2012 as “Family and Agency Caregiver Month” in the Commonwealth