2007-2008 Sponsored Bills

Senate Bill 187 (View full text)– Freezes property tax increases for seniors

Senate Bill 188 (View full text)– Exempts surviving spouse of veteran killed or missing in action from property taxes; Reported out of Finance 3/28/07

Senate Bill 189 (View full text)– Requires educating 11th and 12th grade students about the importance of donating blood

Senate Bill 265 (View full text)– Requires insurance coverage for infertility treatment

Senate Bill 343 (View full text)–  Would allow eligible persons to register and vote on the same day

Senate Bill 344 (View full text)–  Would establish “Statement of Voter’s Rights” and would permit independent voters to vote in primary elections

Senate Bill 345 (View full text)– Constitutional amendment – would prevent “lame-duck” voting (See SB 468)

Senate Bill 346 (View full text)– Constitutional amendment – would make Congressional redistricting less partisan; Reported out of State Government 6/17/08

Senate Bill 347 (View full text)– Constitutional amendment – would authorize Initiative and Referendum (See SB 137)

Senate Bill 348 (View full text)– Adds cancer to the current definition of “occupational diseases” for firefighters

Senate Bill 349 (View full text)– Establishes the Municipal Firefighter Education and Training Program; Reported out of Veterans Affairs 4/17/07

Senate Bill 374 (View full text)– Encourages school districts to develop and implement food allergy management programs

Senate Bill 375 (View full text)–  Permanent sales and use tax exemption for volunteer firefighter relief associations; Reported out of Finance 6/13/07

Senate Bill 376 (View full text)– Steelworker Health Care Assistance Retiree Exemption (SHARE) Act; provides health care benefits for retired steel workers

Senate Bill 457 (View full text)– Removes contractor liability for toxic mold 

Senate Bill 458 (View full text)– Prohibits telemarketers from making collect calls

Senate Bill 459 (View full text)– Makes impersonating a veteran a 2nd degree misdemeanor; Amended into SB 183 – Passed Senate 4/18/07

Senate Bill 519 (View full text)– Requires health risk studies before issuing permits for landfills

Senate Bill 520 (View full text)– Prohibits permits for landfills if voters reject siting or expansion by referendum

Senate Bill 521 (View full text)– Doubles fines for vehicles exceeding weight limits allowed in the Solid Waste Act

Senate Bill 551 (View full text)– Amends Title 18 – removes “not guilty by reason of insanity” defense for serious crimes

Senate Bill 552 (View full text)– Amends Title 42 – defines “chronic runaway”

Senate Bill 553 (View full text)– Eliminates statute of limitations for serious sex offenses in criminal cases

Senate Bill 554 (View full text)– Eliminates statute of limitations for serious sex offenses in civil cases

Senate Bill 651 (View full text)– Strengthens snow & ice removal statute

Senate Bill 652 (View full text)– Excludes veteran’s disability payments from income for PACE eligibility

Senate Bill 653 (View full text)– Provides additional penalties for administrator, teacher or school employees convicted of drug violations in drug-free school zones (See SB 801)

Senate Bill 654 (View full text)– “Idle Time” bill – prisoners would not be paid for time not working

Senate Bill 710 (View full text)– Adds Salvia to the list of controlled substances

Senate Bill 801 (View full text)– Drug violation by administrator or teacher on school property would cause pension forfeiture (See SB 653)

Senate Bill 802 (View full text)– Prohibits telecommunications being used for unlawful transportation services

Senate Bill 803 (View full text)– Increases and standardizes the fine for littering

Senate Bill 851 (View full text)– Amends Megan’s Law – requires street addresses for all places of employment on Internet website

Senate Bill 852 (View full text)– Strengthens the state dog law

Senate Bill 853 (View full text)– Expands consumer protections in regard to the sale of insurance-related investment products

Senate Bill 918 (View full text)– Cell phone privacy

Senate Bill 919 (View full text)– Health Care – any willing provider legislation

Senate Bill 1009 (View full text)– Eliminates EMS tax increase in all but 2nd class counties

Senate Bill 1010 (View full text)– Polka/Square Dance bill

Senate Bill 1218 (View full text)– UC for administrative school employees

Senate Bill 1219 (View full text)– Robin’s Law – Domestic Violence Registry

Senate Bill 1264 (View full text)– Amends licensing law for professional engineers, ;and surveyors and geologists; Re-reported to Appropriations 3/10/08

Senate Bill 1265 (View full text)– Katie’s Law – DNA testing for certain felony arrestees

Senate Resolution 11  (View full text)– Designates January as Blood Donor Month; Adopted 1/17/07

Senate Resolution 13 (View full text)– Encourages schools to instruct students on the importance and need for blood donation

Senate Resolution 72 (View full text)– Designates April as Parkinson’s Disease Awareness month; Adopted 3/27/07

Senate Resolution 109 (View full text)– Makes May 13-19 Food Allergy Awareness Week; Adopted 5/1/07