BETHLEHEM (Dec 7)State Senator Lisa Boscola announced today that 9 community revitalization projects in the 18th Senatorial District have been approved for $1,826,721 in tax credits through the Neighborhood Assistance Program.

“The Neighborhood Assistance Program continues to be a key community and economic development tool to support projects in distressed areas that require financial assistance to make them economically viable and will have a positive impact on revitalizing local communities,” Boscola stated. 

The nine projects approved for the tax credits are:

  • EcoTech Marine, LLC – Bethlehem – ($500,000) – New Facility Construction;
  • Triple Net Investments XXXV, LP – Bethlehem – ($500,000) – Acquisition of Lot 81 of LVIP 7;
  • Palace Row, LLC – Bethlehem – ($436,721) – Southside Redevelopment
  • Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem ($80,000) – Southside Vision 20/20 project & ($37,500) – Commercial Lease Program;
  • Greater Easton Development Partnership ($160,000) – West Ward Neighborhood Revitalization Project & ($37,500) – West Ward Community Initiative;
  • Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley ($37,500) – Community Empowerment Initiatives; and,
  • ArtsQuest Bethlehem ($37,500) – Increase participation in Arts and Expand opportunities for careers artists

Administered through the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, the goals of the Neighborhood Assistance Program are to promote community participation and collaborations among nonprofits, businesses and residents while producing outcomes which assist a distressed area or the low-income population in a neighborhood

The program has five main components: The Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP), Special Program Priorities (SPP), the Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP), the Charitable Food Program (CFP), and the Enterprise Zone Program (EZP).