Bethlehem, September 20, 2022 – – State Senator Lisa Boscola announced today the approval of a $120,000 state grant for the Lower Nazareth Township’s Newburg Park Splash Pad project through the Act 13 Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program.           

“Securing needed capital to improve parks and public pools has been important to me because they provide families low-cost activities to enjoy close to home,” Boscola said. “Splash pads offer an interactive water experience for users of all ages and abilities and the splash pad at Newburg Park will be a tremendous asset for Lower Nazareth Township residents.”

“Lower Nazareth Township is deeply grateful to Senator Boscola for securing funding so we can continue to provide quality park improvements for our constituents,” said Lori Stauffer, Township Manager of Lower Nazareth Township.  “The addition of a splash pad at Newburg Park will be a most welcome amenity and it will be heavily used by the public.  Public parks are essential services to our constituents as they serve to promote positive mental and physical well-being.  They also promote social and community gathering, which is highly important in having a connected community.”

In continuing the development of Newburg Community Park, Lower Nazareth Township will be installing a splash pad area, which will be 71’ x 75’ with a generous buffer of grass surrounding it along with ADA-compliant paths that are 6 feet in width to enable better access for people of all abilities. 

The grant was approved today by the state Commonwealth Financing Authority Board in Harrisburg. Funding from the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program uses revenue generated through Act 13 of 2012 that imposes an impact fee on the state’s unconventional natural gas wells.

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