Bethlehem, October 19, 2021 – – Senator Lisa Boscola announced today as part of Pennsylvania’s nation leading Farmland Preservation Program, the protection of a 29-acre farm located in Lower Saucon Township.  The James D. & Barbara J. Hulett farm, a 29- acre crop operation, received an investment of $8,186.55 from the state program and $151,309.60 from the Northampton County Farmland Preservation Program.

“Pennsylvania’s farming community remains the backbone of our state’s economy and an irreplaceable resource that benefits our environment, crop and livestock industries, rural communities, and grocery shoppers,” Boscola stated.  “The Commonwealth’s Farmland Preservation Program ensures that there is farmland available for future generations and protects farmland from future development.”

Statewide today the Commonwealth announced the protection of an additional 1,999 acres on 21 farms in 13 counties.  Since 1988, Pennsylvania’s Farmland Preservation Program has purchased permanent conservation easements on 5,949 Pennsylvania farms, covering 603,646 acres, in 58 counties, ensuring they will remain farms in the future.

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