BETHLEHEM (DEC 14, 2022) – State Senator Lisa M. Boscola announced today that the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) awarded $4,696,876 in grant funding throughout the Lehigh Valley for local law enforcement, nonprofit security upgrades, crime victims’ programs and criminal justice programs.

“It is essential that we provide local law enforcement with the tools necessary to serve our citizens and keep our communities safe,” Senator Boscola stated.  “Additionally, these PCCD grants will allow local nonprofits to make necessary safety and security upgrades that are designed to protect the safety and security of the users of their facilities and also provide for needed services for crime victims.” 

The following grants were approved:

Local Law Enforcement Support Grant Program

  • Lehigh County: NIBRS training to all 720 full and part time Officers along with support staff in Lehigh County. $291,342
  • Bethlehem City: Body-worn cameras and in-car cameras (enough to outfit officers and vehicles without them); retention and recruitment bonuses. $1,020,499
  • Easton City: portable radios, mobile radios, and base communication radio. $768,322
  • Forks Township: Mobile data terminals. $125,658
  • Nazareth Borough: Multiband police base station radios; multiband mobile and portable P-25 compliant radios; and License plate readers. $283,003
  • Slate Belt Regional Police: Retention bonuses, LEMUR S Drone, and TruNarc Drug Screening Analyzer $34,000

Nonprofit Security Grant Fund:

  • Congregation Bnai Shalom: Safety and Security Upgrades $25,000
  • Valley Youth House: Safety and Security Upgrades $25,000

Gun Violence Investigation & Prosecution Grant Program

  • Lehigh County: Funds will be used to purchase an upgraded forensic microscope, camera, a doppler chronograph, and a ballistic gel starter kit. $11,830
  • Bethlehem City: Funding will be used to upgrade and expand coverage of the Bethlehem Police Department’s video surveillance system in areas associated with gun violence. $350,000
  • Easton City: Funding will be used to support the purchase of license plate readers and street cameras. $131,868

Federal Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Funds

  • Lehigh County: Lehigh County Drug Treatment Court $105,000

State Children’s Advocacy Center Funds

  • Lehigh Valley Hospital Inc.: Strengthening CAC Operations and Impact $46,832

Federal Victims of Crime Act, State Rights and Services Act, and State Victims of Juvenile Offenders Funds

  • Crime Victims Council of Lehigh Valley, Inc.: RASA Northampton County and VOJO Lehigh County $197,570
  • Lehigh County: Lehigh County Victim/Witness Unit (VW/RASA) $686,536
  • Crime Victims Council of Lehigh Valley, Inc.: RASA Northampton County and VOJO Lehigh County $42,000
  • Northampton County: Victims Rights Project $458,243

State Violence & Delinquency Prevention Program Funds

  • Lehigh County: Lehigh County Youth Justice Advisory Board Council $94,173

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