Harrisburg – June 22, 2021 – Senator Lisa Boscola lauded the passage of legislation (Senate Bill 769) today in the Pennsylvania Senate to regulate the deployment  of 5G wireless infrastructure, which in her words on the Senate floor will be the “base foundation for the next generation of wireless technology communication.”

“We have seen advertisements and heard about 5G – new and faster services for our smart phones – at incredible speeds,” Boscola stated.  “But what most do not realize is that this deployment is an entirely different infrastructure being built literally from the ground up.”

“This new infrastructure will be the base foundation for the next generation of wireless technology communication,” Boscola stated.  “From telehealth on a whole new level – remote robotic surgeries – to self-driving vehicles that communicate with each other on the roadways, smart grids, smart cities – truly endless possibilities as technology development continues to expand beyond what anyone in this room thought possible going all the way back to 1981 when the very first wireless phone infrastructure was being deployed.”

Boscola noted that Senate Bill 769 provides for important state regulation of the deployment of 5G wireless infrastructure in the Commonwealth and was a truly bi-partisan effort encompassing nearly two years of work including negotiations with wireless providers, contractors engages in the 5G deployment, all of the municipal government associations (townships, boroughs and cities) and unions representing laborers from electrical workers and communications workers.

“The product of Senate Bill 769 represents true give and take from these various stakeholders, and it gets us where we need to be on what is a really important issue,” Boscola stated.

The bill now heads to the House of Representatives for its consideration.