Bethlehem (March 8, 2023) – State Senator Lisa M. Boscola today spoke on the Senate floor urging her colleagues to pass Senate Resolution 62, sponsored by herself and Senator David Argall, to show the Senate’s support for the Ukrainian people.  Senate Resolution 62 was introduced one-year after Russia’s unprovoked and brutal military invasion in Ukraine.

“It is important that the Senate of Pennsylvania shows its support for Ukrainian people by adopting SR 62,” Senator Boscola stated. “Then we, as a body, can continue to condemn the ongoing Russian invasion in Ukraine, and we will be able to voice to our constituents that American and International pressure must continue to be placed on Russia to cease military operations.”

Since Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, an estimated three hundred thousand soldiers have been either killed or wounded, and over twenty thousand civilian casualties. The ongoing military conflict has also led to the largest migration of refugees in Europe since World War 2. Over 8 million refugees have fled to neighboring European nations, and another 8 million individuals are displaced within Ukraine.

Boscola noted that since last April, the United States has received more than 110,000 Ukrainian refugees. In particular, Pennsylvania is home to the 3rd most Ukrainian refugees since November 2022. Pennsylvania has the second highest population of Ukrainian-Americans in the country, behind only New York. She further noted that her Senatorial District has one of the oldest Ukrainian communities in the country. This community supports churches, women’s organizations and veterans’ organizations.

“The impacts of this conflict in Ukraine are devastating. According to the United Nations Environmental Programme, the impact on water, air, and soil from this war has been devastating,” Boscola said.  “The war has also had a serious impact on world food supply and subsequently hunger levels, resulting in a record number of individuals in danger of starvation.  Food prices remain at all-time highs, and the continued Russian aggression severely compromises the safety of critical supply chains.”

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