HARRISBURG (December 12, 2023)Noting her centrist policy positions and introduction of legislation with bipartisan support, City & State PA named Senator Lisa Boscola as one of the Commonwealth’s Impact 75, a list comprised of the Commonwealth’s most influential difference makers.

“It is an honor to be named to a list of individuals from across Pennsylvania who are making such a difference on a daily basis for countless Pennsylvania residents,” Boscola stated.  “I have always felt that our citizens deserve leadership that focuses on common-sense, middle of the road policies that benefit all Pennsylvanians.  Our political climate has become too extreme that needs to be reined in back to where we better address the issues impacting the everyday lives of Pennsylvanians.”

The Impact 75 is a list of Pennsylvanians who “through their efforts, communities across the commonwealth are becoming more equitable, sustainable and prosperous.”

The profile listed her sponsorship of bills with bipartisan support dealing with “women veterans’ health care and voting modernization” and has championed referenda on expanding nondiscrimination protections and ensuring reproductive choice.

City and State PA is a multimedia news organization that dedicates its coverage to Pennsylvania’s state and local government and as part of its coverage compiles “Power Lists” to bring attention to Pennsylvanians who are working to make a difference in the Commonwealth.

Senator Boscola’s full profile on the Impact 75 list can be found at: https://www.cityandstatepa.com/power-lists/2023/12/2023-impact-75/392589/