Harrisburg, PA – March 19, 2024 – Senator Lisa M. Boscola (D-Northampton) today voted against legislation that would prohibit counties across Pennsylvania from employing voter ballot drop boxes.

“Drop boxes are a safe and secure method for Pennsylvanians to return their mail in ballots and to participate in our democracy,” Senator Boscola stated.  “In my District, Northampton County has increased its usage of drop boxes in public buildings in which they are only accessible when the buildings are open, have video cameras for security and are transported and stored to ensure votes are counted.”

Senator Boscola also expressed her concerns that the removal of drop boxes in counties that have implemented them that voters in the Lehigh Valley may have their ballots lost in the mail or delayed due to new mail delivery plans recently approved by the United States Postal Service that will have Lehigh Valley mail first trucked to Harrisburg and then returned to the Lehigh Valley to be delivered to the Northampton and Lehigh Counties Voter Registration Offices.

“A voter in Northampton County can drop their ballot in a secure drop box to be picked up, delivered and securely stored on one the same day,” Boscola added.  “Senate Bill 99 will now have a voter leave their ballot in their mailbox, picked up by a letter carrier, taken to a local post office only for it to be trucked to Harrisburg to a postal facility, placed back on a truck, taken to the Lehigh Valley Intake Facility to then be placed on another vehicle to be delivered to the Voter Registration Office in Easton.  So many chances for a ballot to be lost or delayed, which is unnecessary if a voter uses a drop box.”

Boscola voted against referring Senate Bill 99 to the full Senate for its consideration.  Senate Bill 99 was reported out of the State Government Committee by a party line vote of 7-4.