Bethlehem, June 8, 2017 – Following today’s House vote and the governor’s pledge to enact the bill, state Senator Lisa Boscola today provided the following statement on the public employee pension reform bill (Senate Bill 1):

“In 2001, I voted against the legislative pension increase and refused to take it. It was clear to me then that this was not good policy for taxpayers. Over the years, due to economic downturns, the state’s pension liability had become a significant drain on state and local taxpayers and something needed to be done.

“This week I voted for Senate Bill 1, the pension reform bill. Governor Tom Wolf has already stated that he will sign the bill into law. While it was not perfect because it creates exemptions for 25 percent of state employees, it will benefit taxpayers. Reforming our state pension system should help prevent school property tax hikes at the local level.”


Media Contact: Joseph Kelly


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