Harrisburg March 30, 2017 The state Senate Transportation Committee has unanimously approved Senator Lisa Boscola’s legislation (Senate Bill 435) that would penalize motorists, including truckers, for not removing snow and ice from vehicles before driving.

I’ve been fighting to get this law on the books for more than a decade,” Boscola said. “I’m very encouraged by the unanimous bipartisan support.”

The legislation is entitled “Christine’s Law” in memory of Christine Lambert, a Palmer Township woman who was killed on Christmas day in 2005 when an 8-inch chunk of ice dislodged from a truck and crashed through her windshield.

Under the bill, truckers would have up to 24 hours after a snowstorm to clear the snow and ice from their vehicle. Violators could face a fine of up to $75. Boscola said current law isn’t proactive and only applies if ice debris causes serious bodily injury or death. She said her bill would help deter and prevent accidents by enabling police officers to stop trucks that are dangerously caked with snow or ice.

In the past, the trucking industry fought passage of the legislation. However, Boscola said she worked closely with industry leaders on reshaping the bill. The state police voiced their support for the legislation’s intent before the Committee last session.

“This isn’t about hassling truckers,” Boscola said. “It’s about raising awareness and preventing tragedies.”

The Northampton County lawmaker’s bill now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

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