Unemployment Assistance

​In order to better assist you, please fill out this form completely. The more information we have, the sooner we can submit your request to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. If you have any questions, please call our office at (610) 868-8667.

*Information to include in your summary should include the following: *Did you file for Traditional Unemployment or PUA? *Are you missing payments? *What weeks are you missing (exact dates)? *Were you receiving payments and then they stopped? *If so, when did they stop? *Have you checked your payment history? *Does it say ‘pending’ or ‘no payments paid’? *Did you quit, were terminated, or laid off? *Is your claim under review? *Name of employer as it appears on your pay stub or are you self-employed? *Has the Department of Labor requested additional information from you? *If so, did you submit the information they requested?